It’s what they say at the end of episodes of TV shows. Stay tuned for scenes of the next all new episode of…

But I don’t want to know. I don’t want a preview. I can wait a week. I want to be completely surprised. Don’t ruin it for me with a sneak peek. I’m good with anticipation. 

But I would like a sneak peek of my near future. Will the struggles get easier? Does life simplify? Or the stresses multiply? That I’d like to know. 

But I do know something. My God is faithful. I’m still here. My family is well and healthy. There’s peanut butter in the pantry, milk in the fridge and gas in the cars. We’ve made it another day. 

And my future is in The Lord’s hands. That’s what the Good Book says. And I did skip to the end of it. 

We win. 

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