There are 2 types of people in the world. Ok, there’s more than two, but for the sake of this Random Thought, we’re sticking with only two.

The Cans and the Cants.

The Cans see an obstacle as something to hurdle, climb over, go under or if necessary, go 22 miles out of the way to get around.

The Cants see the same obstacle as a reason to quit, take a nap, surrender.

Once over, under or around the obstacle, the Cans get to see the Glory of God and how He helped them through the trial. The Cans get to experience God at a deeper level, grow spiritually stronger and become more confident as human beings. They also get to enjoy more of the riches of life as they open more of the gifts all around them.

The Cants miss life and then they die. They may make it to Heaven, but it will be sad if they see all of the unopened presents they left here on earth.

The biggest gift of all is one they could have left for their kids. The gift of how to be a Can.

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