Happy New Year! The Bible app’s verse of the day is a good one for the first day of 2018. I believe that faith in God’s Word can change things, make things happen and new pathways and rivers excite me.

A pathway indicates movement. It also implies direction. You can move without going in any direction. I do it several days a week on an elliptical machine. Life feels like that at times. But the promise here is about a path. So we’re going somewhere. You can go in the wrong direction. Ask Will. We left a Panthers game out a different door than we entered and I took us walking in the wrong direction for a while. It was a night game, so we were late lost.

But God isn’t going to make a path sending us in the wrong direction. We just have to choose to get off the couch and take it. Or we could keep going our own ways.

Choose God.

And rivers in dry wastelands sounds refreshing. Things dry up at times. Hope, joy, zeal for life, dreams, love, friendships, opportunities, etc., etc.

But the promise here is that God will do a new thing. Try believing Him for it. Own this Scripture. Plant it in your heart. Burn it into your psyche. Speak it.

And see if you don’t find yourself on a new pathway that leads to living waters covering what was once a dry wasteland.

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