First impressions are so powerful. We should really care more about them.

I played racquetball the other night for the first time in years. Watching my group was a guy dressed out to the nines in expensive gym wear. His body was solid with cuts and ripples in all the right places. He was holding a first class racquet contained in a sports bag specifically designed for racquetball equipment. Once upon a time in my life I was a racquetball junkie who played 3 nights a week. I never looked the part like this guy. I definitely never had his physique.

When we came off the court Mr. Racquetball mentioned that he’d like to play me. New guy. Fresh meat I guess.

After playing for an hour I could honestly and thankfully say that I was done. Maybe next time.

I was intimidated. I love playing but I don’t relish the idea of standing in place for a 15-0 shut out while stud muffin practices his rocket serve.

I asked my friend, Harry, later about this guy. “Yeah, he’s good, but I’ve beat him.”

Say what?

Harry’s no slouch. He can beat me, too, but I can also beat him. And if I can beat Harry, then I can beat Six Pack.

I felt much better.

This guy, Darnell is his name, carried himself in such a way, behaved in such a way and dressed in such a way that he gained instant respect.

Without a word.

Of course he could have opened his mouth and lost that respect just as quick but he didn’t. And had Harry not shattered his mystique I would have always assumed that Darnell was club champion.

Instant respect. Simply based on appearance. That has to make life so much easier for him and people like him than for people who are slobs.

More doors are opened. More opportunities are given. They are further down the road than their counterparts without having said one word.

Life has to be easier for beautiful people. Beautiful and smart people can be a force.

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